We are working with world class industrial products in Instrumentation & automation arena  and can cater any industrial needs from Sensors to Control System.

Our engineering team is capable of analysing clients requests and provide right solutions to the customer needs.  We serve different market segments such as  Oil & Gas (Upstream) Refinery & PetroChemicals (Down Stream),  Power & Desalination, Water & Waste Water, Aluminium, Steel & Cement Industries

  • Sensors – Pressure , Temperature, Flow, Level, Position , Vibration
  • Gauges – Mechanical & Electronic Pressure Gauges, Bimetal Thermometers & Thermo wells Magnetic Level Gauges & Reflex Type Level Gauges
  • Pressure Measurement – Absolute & Gauge Pressure Transmitters & Differential Pressure Transmitters
  • Temperature Measurement – Temperature Transmitters, Thermowells & RTDs
  • Flow Measurement -Magnetic Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Coriolis Flow Meters, Positive Displacement flow Meters, Custody Transfer flow meters & Thermal Mass flowmeters
  • Level Measurement – Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters, Non Contact Radar , Displacer Level Measurement & Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
  • Vibration Measurement – Vibration Transmitters, Wireless Vibration Sensors & Protection devices
  • Air Sampling, Noise Monitoring
  • Calibrators – Pressure, Temperature & Marine Calibrators
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System
  • Control Valves – Control Valves & Positioners
  • Analytical Instruments- PH, Conductivity, ORP, NOx & Sox Detectors
  • Gas Analysers – Methane, Sulphur , H2s gas Detectors
  • Data Acquisition & Control – Paperless Recorders, PID Controllers, Indicators, Panel Meters
  • ESD Systems -Safety Controllers, Safety PLC
  • Control Systems- DCS, PLC , SCADA